I am an environmental graphic designer, focusing on creating holistic brand experiences for the built environment, responsible for Johnson & Johnson global facilities. For over 10 years, I have collaborated with a wide range of clients in the fields of healthcare, government, television, publishing and the arts to develop strategic and successful design solutions.

When I am not on the job, I am spending time with my wife and two children. I am known to whip up an award-winning batch of pancakes at a moment’s notice. I can also juggle two children and simultaneously replying to emails and do cartwheels. Dr. Seuss taught me that trick. Kidding but not really kidding.

I am an avid bicyclist and a retired drummer. I spent my young adult life seeing the world from the back of a van as a member of a cult punk band, which we can discuss in more detail at a later time. I continue to love music and enjoy keeping up with current bands and music culture.

My first design love is architecture, which lead me to my second love of graphic design. One day I realized I could merge the two and so the story goes. Environmental graphic design is an exciting career that I am passionate about and I look forward to the future, as the field evolves with technology and an ever-growing global marketplace.